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Mining and Exporting Minerals with Integrity & Brilliance

Discover the brilliance of our ethically mined minerals and sustainable exports. At AARA Mines & Exports, we believe in building bridges that connect communities, foster growth, and create a better tomorrow.

We offer comprehensive services in responsible mining and global mineral exports, ensuring ethical practices and sustainable growth for all stakeholders.

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what we provide

Mineral Exports and Mining Services

Expert advice and guidance for efficient and sustainable mining operations.

Premium-grade barytes sourced and processed to meet diverse industry requirements with precision.

Reliable sourcing and supply of high-grade iron ore for various industrial applications.

Exquisite quartz varieties meticulously mined and delivered with uncompromising quality.

Welcome to AARA Mines & Exports – Your Gateway to Mining Excellence!

20 +

Industry Experience

Trusted Industry Pioneers for Over 20 Years: Leveraging Expertise to Shape the Minerals Landscape

10 +

Countries Worldwide

Our minerals reach 10+ countries, building global partnerships with ethical exports and responsible practices.

30 %

Reduction in Carbon Emissions

Through patented groundbreaking innovations, we achieved a remarkable 30% reduction in carbon emissions, prioritizing sustainability.

AARA Mines & Exports :Your Trusted Mineral Partner

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  • Quartz
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  • Mining
  • Quartz
  • Iron Ore
  • Barytes

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"Reliable Supplier with Unmatched Customer Service - Highly recommend AARA Mines & Exports!"
Exceptional Minerals for our High-Tech Products - AARA Mines & Exports is our go-to partner.
Impressive Quality and Timely Delivery - AARA Mines & Exports never disappoints!


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